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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  October 20, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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and young adults. elderly dementia patients taking abilify have an increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor if you have high fever, stiff muscles and confusion to address a possible life-threatening condition. or if you have uncontrollable muscle movements, as these could become permanent. high blood sugar has been reported with abilify and medicines like it. in some cases, extreme high blood sugar can lead to coma or death. other risks include decreases in white blood cells, which can be serious, dizziness upon standing, seizures, trouble swallowing, and impaired judgment or motor skills. adding abilify has made a difference for me. [ male announcer ] visit for your free trial offer. and ask your doctor about the risks and benefits of adding abilify. >> joe: it is 8:00 straight up here. cody ross goes from right to left. seers is in the game
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playing right -- schierholtz. schierholtz will hit eighth. tieing run at second and nobody out. romo pitching to jayson werth. the breaking ball misses. ball 1. werth tonight is 0 for 2. hit by a pitch back in the fifth. and one of the big run producers has just two rbis in this nlcs. glad you are with us. this is game four of the giants up two games to one. the 1-0. on the outside corner. a ball and a strike. a wide strike to werth. romo struggled in the division series against
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atlanta. trying to keep a one-run lead in the eighth inning here tonight. that is ripped down into the corner. it's a fair ball. just fair and jayson werth has tied this game, back-to-back doubles for philadelphia. it's 5-5. >> tim: the san francisco giants pitchers have produced two hanging sliders tonight, one to placido polanco and now one to jayson werth. this ball looked like it hit right on the line, down the left-field line, and a big booming double by werth. >> joe: just inside it. >> tim: just inside it. >> joe: and jayson werth delivers for philadelphia. now he's at second with nobody out and the phillies can do anything they want with rollins at the plate. see if he's bunting. the giants infielders
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are creeping in, and rollins takes a ball. >> tim: one thing about bunting with rollins, i think you are waist the at-bat. he's very adept as hitting the ball to the right side. plus if he doesn't do that, werth can steal third. werth is very dangerous when he's on at second base. >> joe: rollins pops it up. down the left-field line. a long run and sandoval is there for out number 1. so rollins does not advance the runner and the batter will be ben francisco. the only piece to that cliff lee trade that is on the major league roster now for the phillies, and they turned lee around, traded him to seattle, francisco could put
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philly back on top. breaking ball, foul. >> tim: we've seen him do it so many times in the past. he will lull a pitcher to sleep and then steal third base. >> joe: you are wondering about ibanez coming off the bench. the left-hander affeldt is ready for the giants in their pen. charlie manuel sticking with ben francisco. breaking ball, swung on and missed. strike 2. >> tim: good spot for the slider there.
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>> joe: the 0-2. got him with three identical pitches. two outs. >> tim: here's what joe was talking about. slider, slider, slider. >> joe: missed it by plenty. now carlos ruiz, who has had one big hit in the postseason of a another for philadelphia, is looking for a two-out rbi base hit. the go-ahead run at second. two outs. same pitch. strike 1. ibanez in the on-deck circle but right now it's up to ruiz. 1 for 3 tonight and 3 out of 12 in this lcs.
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romero getting loose for philadelphia. it's an 0-2 count. posey stepped up way out. and another strikeout from romo! it's a 5-5 game as werth ties it here in the eighth. [ male announcer ] at pizza hut, everyone loved our $10 any pizza deal
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♪ [ upbeat instrumental ] pizza is just ten bucks, too. [ rattling ] [ gasps ] [ rattling ] [ laughing ] [ announcer ] close enough just isn't good enough. - if your car is in an accident, - [ laughing continues ] make sure it's repaired with the right replacement parts. take the scary out of life with travelers. call or click now for an agent or quote. s madson gets to go back out there for philadelphia. he misses high with a fastball, ball 1. schierholtz and torres
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and edgar renteria, the 8, 9 and 1 hitters. 5-5 now the bottom of the eighth. brian wilson, the closer for the giants, getting ready. strike 1. so far this postseason 1 for 5 as schierholtz with the bat. the guy on deck, torres, came into the game hitting .151 since the 1st of september. here's the 1-1 pitch. that comes back to strike 2. >> tim: a good change-up. when you can get a left-handed pitcher to move that front side and have that change-up settle in, you've got him. good pitch from madson. >> joe: almost like a screwball. >> yeah. >> here's the 1-2 pitch. got him to start the inning. >> tim: let's go back
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to that last inning and look at sergio romo slider. not a bad one to jayson werth. that drove in the tieing run for the phillies. and then six good ones from romo, six in a row to get francisco and ruiz. the don't and dos of's of sliders. >> joe: one on, nobody out, torres takes a strike. andres walked and scored a run in his first plate appearance. that was in the fifth. popped out. as i mention, hitting .151 since the 1st of september. the 0-1. another tailing pitch with that change-up. good action on it. 0-2.
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the fastball misses. ball 1. >> tim: i think what helps madson with that change-up is his height. he's 6'5". a couple of inches more when he releases it out front. very deceptive to hitters, particularly left-handed hitters. >> joe: here's 19-2. 95. 2 balls, 2 strikes.
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the bulln quite for philadelphia. brian wills is up for the giants. 2-2. line drive, base hit into right on a change-up from ryan madson. the go-ahead run is on here in the eighth for the giants. with one on, one out, renteria is coming up. one-a-day, the official vitamin of major league baseball, wants you to step up for your health. include a daily vitamin in your daily health routine. one a day, it has more of what matters to you. game four with the giants leading two games to one. we are tied in the
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bottom of the eighth, and renteria, who was hitless in the game, but who has a wealth of postseason experience. making his 58th start at short during the postseason, is up. >> tim: which means he can take and give him a chance. >> joe: there he goes. throw-down by ruiz is in time for the out! two gone. >> tim: renteria trying to stick the bat in front of the eyes of carlos ruiz, and he will have none of that. he rockets to second base. a low traceer to get torres. >> joe: so the bases are empty. ruiz struck out the top of the eighth inning and makes his mark with his arm. one ball, one strike to
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renteria. in the ninth inning the phillies will have the number nine spot, a pinch hitter. then victorino and utley. here's the 1-1. wow, that ran right in on the bat of renteria, who shakes out his hand. >> tim: right under the trademark. edgar's hand ringing a bit now. in fact, it's vibrating. >> joe: the 1-2 countss . ball 2.
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>> joe: it has been a ride for brian wilson during this postseason. he has four saves. this is his sixth game. he takes over in a tie, 5-5 game, ninth inning, game four. ross gload is the pinch hitter for ryan madson, who did a nice job. juan uribe takes over at short. the pitcher spot is the one position with renteria was and uribe will hit fifth in the lineup. and with brian wilson on the mound for the giants, roy oswalt is getting ready in the bullpen for the phillies. here's 1-1. gload pops it out of play.
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strike 2. lidge, the closer, in case the phillies get a run. oswalt, the starter, who is getting loose in case they don't. >> tim: with that double switch, brian wilson, if the giants don't score in the bottom of the tenth, i think he will go out there -- or bottom of the ninth, he will go back out there in the top of the tenth inning. >> joe: ross gload trying to get it started for philadelphia. 2-2. the 2-2 pitch. to the left side. just into the game and uribe, what a play!
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one out. >> tim: falling away after making the play and the strong arm just gets gload. what a play by uribe. got rid of it so quickly. man. close. >> joe: the tie goes to the runner and that's about as close to a tie you are going see. the philly bench thought he was safe. victorino takes a strike. that is a big call at first base. with a guy like victorino coming up, instead of one on in a tie game here in the ninth inning, one out. here's the 0-1 to victorino. he's 1 for 3.
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ball 1. victorino with an rbi single and a run scored in the fifth. he walked in the seventh. takes a strike and it's 1-2. two out. that will bring in chase utley, who has hit ten career
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postseason home runs. >> tim: looked like a slider to get victorino from wilson. yep. >> joe: a good, tight spin. >> tim: it takes a lot to get the ball out of this park into right the further away you go from the right field foul line with this heavy air, cool night. utley certainly has the power to get it done. brian wilson to try to get him to keep it tied into the bottom of the ninth. 1 for 4 tonight is utley. homered in the division series. he does not have an rbi in this nlcs.
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a ball and a strike. >> tim: brian wilson has consistently kept the ball away from left-handed batters throughout this series. and in this situation where the home run would put the phillies ahead, don't look for him to come inside unless it's a mistake. >> joe: that is in the air to left and will carry for the out. ross makes the play. a 1-2-3 top half. now the bottom half. lidge or oswalt? oswalt.
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>> sheer roy oswalt in relief. he was tremendous for philadelphia. he will dole with 2, 3 and 4 hitters here for san francisco. >> tim: what a bizarre night, joe. blanton starts in lieu of roy halladay. charlie manuel did not want to bring him back because he only had three days rest. and he brings back oswalt here in the ninth inning after two days rest. >> joe: and he starts with a 93 mile-an-hour fastball for a strike to sanchez. freddy is 1 for 4. aubrey huff and then buster posey, who has had a big night. tied at 5. strike 2. and nothing lost on the fastball for oswalt
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these first couple of pitches. 93 to 94. the 0-2. skips in. roy oswalt pitched in relief in the final game this season. to get him some work before that you have to go back 2007. also pitched in relief in '04 in the alc game in clues. a game the cardinals beat the astros. that's outside, 0-2. sanchez hit seven home runs during the regular
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season. >> tim: that was hittable. oswalt got away with one there. looked like a cut fastball, middle of the plate. sanchez fouled it back. >> joe: in the air to right. it will carry to werth. one out. the ball stayed up. hard hit. sanchez, 1 for 5. >> tim: positioning is so important for outfielders because they have more room to cover. so if you can cut down that room before the ball hits, you are a lot better off. and werth cheating in. sanchez does not have a lot of power the other way, and jayson made the play. >> joe:


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